ICNerd – What does that even mean? Honestly, it doesn’t. I wanted a domain with “nerd” in it and the prefix IC was the shortest and easiest to pronounce. It also sounds like “I see, nerd” or possibly even “Icy Nerd” (Yes, I had to also register the domains iseenerd.com and icynerd.com to thwart confusion!)

Me personally? Oh well I’m Cohan Robinson. I’ve got just over a decade under my belt in dabbling in web software and have managed to make it a day job after a few stints at college didn’t really tickle my fancy.

Major updates and projects are sent to the mail list, don’t worry this wont be used for every tiny little thing I do, more the big picture things like a project starting or finishing. List will never be sold, traded, used for spam and all that.




If you’re here after seeing a card charge from “ICNERD.COM” in your statement either directly or via PayPal please check the billing page