ICNerd – What does that even mean? Honestly, it doesn’t. I wanted a domain with “nerd” in it and the prefix IC was the shortest and easiest to pronounce. It also sounds like “I see, nerd” or possibly even “Icy Nerd” (Yes, I had to also register the domains iseenerd.com and icynerd.com to thwart confusion!)

Me personally? Oh well I’m Cohan Robinson. I’ve got just over a decade under my belt in dabbling in web software and have managed to make it a day job after a few stints at college didn’t really tickle my fancy.

This site is mainly for official things, if you’re more into the behind the scenes stuff and the likes then check out my personal site over here


If you’re here after seeing a card charge from “ICNERD.COM” in your statement either directly or via PayPal please check the billing page