A fix for my Windows 8 laptop dropping wifi connection

Plagued by the constant disconnecting from the wifi whenever I wandered off for a few moments to do something in meatspace I had to find out what was going on.

Then I procrastinated.. and completely forgot about it.

Then it did it again so I started searching. Piecing together giblets of information from the internet I figured out Windows 8 likes to switch off power to the wifi adapter if the computer goes idle for long enough.

Windows 8.1 is here now. Maybe it fixes it, maybe it doesn’t. Lawd I hope it does!

First bit: We’ll disable it in power management: Slide the mouse down to the bottom-right corner, then once your right-side navigation thing pops up go to the top ‘Search’ (ClassicShell: Press the Windows key In the text box at the bottom) type “Edit power plan” and click the result.

Change advanced settings. Open up the “Wireless Adapter Settings” then “Power Saving Mode” and make sure it doesn’t disconnect your wifi to save power by setting (at least AC, but I went with both because I live life on the edge). Switch it up to Maximum Performance which should stop it from disconnecting at random.

I say should, as it didn’t actually work very well for me. After a (longer, to be fair) while it disconnected again. As it turns out there’s another place to control a similar setting.

Second bit: Go into your network settings. Control panel again.. Mouse to the bottom-right, ‘Search’ again. This time type “Control panel” and click the result. From here we want “Network and Internet” and then “Network and Sharing Center” and from there “Change adapter settings” (It’s on the left hand menubar)

Right click your wifi adapter -> click Properties -> click Configure -> click Power Management

Uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. That should do the job.

Worked so far, anyway..

Video instructions for Second bit



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    • Keep an eye on that second one’s setting – I’m not sure why but today it appeared to have re-set itself. Something to keep in mind and double check if the issue comes back

      • I have just followed your advice Cohan, hope it works on Windows 10 because it keeps shutting down Wi-fi when it needs to update and then when you reboot you discover that it has started updating and then after the updates the Wi-fi comes to life.

  1. After searching the internet for awhile and not finding anything, stumbling on this was a blessing and has worked thus far.

    • Excellent to hear! Had hoped it would help even just one person – I went through the same search woes myself before posting this

  2. I have fixed it with some additional selections, on top of what was suggested above:
    Go to network settings: Press windows button and type control panel
    Control panel – Network and Internet – Network and Sharing Center – Connections: click the wifi link – Select wireless properties – Make sure all boxes are checked.

    The reason this works is because windows will only automatically connect to wifi you have told it to. This is functional on a desktop perfectly. On a laptop you may see slight wifi drain since it will keep scanning periodically for new connections.

    heres to hoping Windows 8 update 8.1 (blue) will fix this, coming soon I think.

    • No problem j! Feel free to submit a request for new articles if you come across anything further! Chances are I’ve struggled through them already while fighting with Windows 8.

      Lets hope Windows 8.1 is a bit more friendly.. and free. I’ve heard rumours but that’s all they are so far..

  3. Life is good again! Thank you for saving my laptop from flying through walls!

  4. solution 2 worked perfectly. Mate thank you so much for sharing this information. I was getting so frustrated with my connection dropping out that I was considering dumping Windows 8 altogether.

  5. If I’m on somebody else’s home network, will this affect their wi-fi too?

    The only other computer on the network is a Windows 7 laptop…

    • It shouldn’t do, this will only affect the windows 8 laptops in question. My other half has a Windows 7 laptop that works without issue. Completely jealous over here

  6. This is total bullshit. I’ll never buy another windows product again. It drops CONSTANTLY. Worse than dial-up.

    • u should be considered using windows 7 ultimate first before using new born product like windows 8, give it some times, there is no doubt new product will have so much issue, bugs and all, but its new so it will get its update later on to fix those issue, im still using windows 7 ultimate since 2010 and i still hear issues of win 8 until today in year 2015 (i know your comment was 2 years old) but the problem still there..

      and just for friendly advice, if u going to buy other products i would suggest Lynux Mint, i use it back then before im using win7, i change to 7 just because i dont know how to use lynux back then n kinda regret that i change to 7 but im already used to it, Mac Os is also a good choice, BUT i once overheard a staff talking to his boss asking how to solve the problem, their customer said his laptop got virus, which in that time Mac Os was very powerful but the diseases had just started..

  7. You are my hero. Thank you very much this is the best solution I have found.

  8. I cannot thank you enough, MY COMPUTER has been bothering me with WIFI turning off for WEEKS and this finally fixed it! I wish I could pay you somehow! 😀

  9. Hey Cohan,

    Thank you for sharing the fix with community.
    I have tried both of your way and still facing the issue. I have other windows 7 machine and its running without any problem.
    But my laptop with windows 8 installed looses connectivity every 30 mnts. I also tried “netsh winsock reset” without any luck.

    I would really appreciate more ideas…

    • Yeah, I’ve tried these things and I’m also still having this issue; it’s really bothering me. It didn’t affect me at home but I’m on vacation for a month and after some days after working fine for hours the wi-fi will constantly disconnect every few minutes, but only for my Windows 8 laptop and no other device in the house.

    • Indeed it looks like there’s still an issue (or possibly even a new issue) causing this. I’m looking into what the problem is an hopefully get a fix published. I’ll post to the ICNerd mail list when I’ve posted the fix if that’s of any use to you

  10. Unfortunately I have found these same solutions on other sites and tried them several times without any success!!! I am getting annoyed. My windows 8 laptop disconnects every few minutes but our windows 8 desktop that is connected to our wifi never drops connection so I know that it is not our router or connection. I have my power options set to maximum for everything. I rarely have my laptop unplugged. Also when I went to the adaptor settings, the box wasn’t checked. Everything the solutions are telling me to do are not even set wrong currently. I tried to change them and then change them back to how I want them but no change! Someone please help me!!! I am at my wits end with this thing dropping wifi constantly!!! Thank you so much for a place to post my issue!

    • I also tried all these configurations but none of them resolve my internet intermittent problem. So, I decided to test changing every field of my wireless driver. After several attempts I notice that changing the wireless mode to “2. 802.11b” resolve the internet issue. To try this, follow these steps: Device Manager -> (Your driver here – in my case Intel(R) Centrino Advanced-N 6250 AGN) -> Properties -> Advanced -> Wireless Mode -> Select “2. 802.11b”.

      • I don’t have a wireless mode listed. Unfortunately, mine has basically stopped connecting for more than a few seconds to a minute at a time. Constantly disconnects. Luckily, my computer is under warranty and I will be sending it in to see what the problem is. I have tried everything that I can think of and every solution that I have found online and I am beyond frustrated and annoyed. Thank you for your advice, wish it worked for me. It gets frustrating when trying to stream movies and the internet disconnects, have to reload and start over.

      • Thank you very much my dear friend!
        I’ve been having problems for some time that my connection was good at all time, but then suddenly it just drops and never works again. I have similar wifi card – Intel(R) Centrino Advanced-N 6235, and it’s been troblesome.
        Anyway, love you, thanks.

      • You are a star Fabio! At last a solution that worked. I have a similar WiFi card Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235.

      • This. This. 1,000 x this.

        The connection drops AND limited has been ruining my wife’s lappy every since we moved. Fabio’s suggestion fixed it. The rest of the traditional fixes (power management, ipconfig commands, stack flushes, etc.) didn’t work a bit.

        It is a similar wireless card to Fabio’s.

  11. there’s no power management tab after clicking configuration ? what do to plz help !!

  12. Why, why, why would Microsoft make my computer boot me off the Internet 5 times a day!?!? Anyway, thanks for the fixes :)

  13. Here’s what you need to do (other than update your wifi driver)

    1) Then, on your computer, open Network and Sharing > Change Adapter Settings > **WIFI Adapter Properties** > Configure > Power Management > UNcheck **allow the computer to turn off this device to save power** See? You want to stop the PC from turning off your WIFI to “save power.”

    2) Then go to your BATTERY SETTINGS…..

    Click Battery icon > More Power Options > Power Saving / Balanced / High performance > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > **WIRELESS ADAPTER SETTINGS** > Power Saving Mode > on Battery > Change to low or medium power saving (Medium works for most people. I chose Low). Reboot one more time. Done.

  14. I have Lenovo V570 with Windows 8. It had no problem for the first few months. I lose connection every few minutes. The above solution did not work for me. Searched the web, but to no avail, so far. Network diagnostic troubleshooter works for a few minutes (sometimes not even for a minute). I even did a fresh install of Windows 8, but the issue remains unsolved. Now I am using wired connection. Wifi connection has no problem with other laptops (windows 7 or 8). That probably means there is no problem with the modem/router. As the troubleshooter works for a few minutes, I guess my network adapter is also working. Would be gratified if anyone of you talented people has a suggestion. Thanks.

  15. Thank you so much, 2nd option is awesome, and i couldn’t find out the first option, but my problem has been resolved.. thank a lot

  16. Thanks for this article. This problem is driving me mad. Can’t believe that MS think that this warrants power saving. Windows 8 is a crock of…

  17. My wife’s HP ENVY m6-1125dx PC using Windows 8 with Ralink RT5390R 802.11 bgn wifi adapter would lose wifi connection with the VERIZON FIOS Actiontec MI424WR router after 13-14 minutes; plugging the ethernet cable in would regain internet access, or restarting the PC but the issue would return in 13-14 minutes. My Toshiba laptop, using Windows 7, stayed connected when my wife’s laptop lost its wifi connection. The other devices in our house (Wii, TIVO, printer, etc.) had no connection issues. Interestingly, my wife’s laptop did not lose its wifi connection at other hotspots (Best Buy aka Geek Squad, McDonalds, Starbucks, Panera, etc); so the issue was specific between the Ralink wifi adapter and the Actiontec router wifi.

    Just updating the laptop wifi adapter driver did not fix the issue. HOWEVER, uninstalling the driver then reinstalling the latest wifi adapter driver from the HP website seems to have fixed the issue. Also installed the Intel Wireless Drivers for Microsoft Window 8 from the HP website.

    • david, thanks for that idea – nothing else was working for me either (HP envy using windows 8 and a Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 wireless card)

      uninstalling the driver and reinstalling from intel’s site did the trick!

      thanks again ….

  18. NEW Dell I5 laptop w/ Windows 8 after using Dell power settings, changed network card settings (?)
    Followed these instructions and had no more problems.
    Was about to return new Dell as this acted like a bad network card prob of years ago.

  19. The second option was the kicker. Thanks. A suggestion that I found that has helped was to disable the WMM support on your Linksys router. This is usually found in the QoS section which reserves space for VOIP etc and is usually a waste if you don’t have these services.

  20. Newly purchased Samsung Notepad Model 500T Windows 8. We have same problem with disconnecting… WiFi configuration box to not have the option to disconnect power saving!
    This problem occurs frequently while my Wife is playing Facebook Games. Help appriciated Kind Regards Merv

  21. Try this before trying anything else. You may save yourself from wasting 7 hours like I did. I tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked. Through exhaustive research, I found many times this is caused by interference from other access points in the vicinity. Change the channel on the wireless router. If you don’t have the credentials to the router, call your service provider and ask them to change the channel. Most routers are pre-programmed to channel 6. I changed it to channel 10. It connected immediately and never dropped again. ….ENJOY!

  22. Both option 1 and 2 didn’t work for me. What did work for me was this:

    Check what kind of wireless network adapter you got.

    Go to: Control Panel – Hardware and Sound -Device manager – Network adapters. In my case it is a Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 135

    I googled the name of my network adapter and I clicked on the first link. This took me to the official Intel support website. Under the title latest download there was a link called: “Automatically detect and update drivers and software”

    Click this link, accept everything and follow the instructions. If it detects any updates just install these and the problem should be fixed….

    • My wife’s HP ENVY m6-1125dx PC using Windows 8 with Ralink RT5390R 802.11 bgn wifi adapter (rev would lose wifi connection with the VERIZON FIOS Actiontec MI424WR router after 13-14 minutes; plugging the ethernet cable in would regain internet access, or restarting the PC but the issue would return in 13-14 minutes. The other devices in our house (my laptop, Wii, TIVO, printer, etc.) had no connection issues. Also, my wife’s laptop remained connected at other wifi hotspots (Best Buy aka Geek Squad, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panera, etc).

      Just updating the laptop wifi adapter driver did not fix the issue. HOWEVER, uninstalling the driver then reinstalling the rev dtd 2012 driver from the HP website fixed the issue.

      FOLLOW-UP: The above worked until Windows did an update of the Ralink wifi adapter installing the latest driver rev dtd 2013, then the intermittent connectivity issue returned.

      To fix the issue, wifi adapter rev has to be manually installed by selecting PC info, Device Manager, Network Adapters, Ralink wifi adapter, Driver, Update Driver, Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, select Revision [8/8/2012], NEXT and install.

      To ensure Windows does not update wifi adapter to revision, select PC info, Windows Update, important updates are available, right click Ralink Technology Corp. driver update for Ralink RT 5390R 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter, select Hide update.

  23. Help! I’ve done both of these bits, and they seemed to work at first, but I’m still having the issue :/ I made sure that the settings didn’t reset and they were still in effect, and it STILL keeps dropping the Wi-Fi constantly >.< I don't know what to do. BTW I have a (new) Samsung laptop with windows 8.

    • Maddy,

      On Windows 8, Desktop>Settings>PC Info>Device Manager>Network adapters>wifi adapter>Driver

      What is the wifi adapter hardware (Ralink, Centro, etc)?
      What is the Driver’s Version and Date?

      What router is the Samsung laptop connecting to?

      Does the Samsung laptop have connectivity issues with other hotspots (McDonald’s, Panera, Starbuck’s, etc.)?

      Does the Samsung laptop have connectivity issues using the hard-wired Ethernet?


  24. the only problem for me is that there is no power management option under the property of wifi device.. i am using acer aspire 4310. can u sort that problem for me.

    you can see via this link

  25. Hi. I recently purchased an all in one toshiba pc with windows 8 and had same issue. The power management fix had no effect but I rolled back the driver update and its works a treat. Intel centrino 2230.

  26. I am using Acer window 8, it never connects to any wifi networks even at school, please do help me

  27. Actually, doing the second option seemed to make it worse. Had to reset it 5 times already today after doing what you advised last night. That’s a record.

  28. thanks so much for your post with this information. I cannot describe to you my frustration in the stupidity of MS creating an OS of this obvious inferiority. My theory for the last 10 years has been ” if MS products worked as they were supposed to, then half of the people working in IT would be out of a job”

    absolute junk

    thanks again.

  29. Hey,
    This has been driving me nuts for so long. I have had At&t out her twice within a couple of weeks. Then my husband told me it is a windows 8 issue. I hope this works. Now if I can just stop my cursor from jumping all of the place with out having to send it back to be blasted.

  30. Thank you so much. I would pay for this information. I have been looking for a fix for this ever since I DL win8. What a stupid feature to be hidden so far into the computer.

  31. Using Windows 8.
    Tried turning Broadcomm adapter on and off, on and off, disabled bluetooth internet service, tried netsh winsock reset. Nothing works.

    Adapter keeps turning off (icon turns gray) for a short while when trying to connect, then turns on again and I get message that connection was not successful.

    Considered upgrading to Windows 8.1 but cannot do it now because no internet connection, obviously ..

    One thing I haven’t tried is switching the power management options. The problem is, the network adapter power management options are not shown and I cannot find them anywhere. I can see above that some people had this missing power options issue as well. * is there a solution to this one?


  32. Instinctively I decided to check that box not knowing if I was going to mess up my settings somehow and send win8 or MS into another tantrum; but toodling around and figuring out what things mean is how i usually fix my problems. Right afterwards I felt paranoid and googled the the checkbox question and wifi problem, so glad to found confirmation here that i did the right thing so all is good and i can rest easily. Thanks for info…

  33. The power management tabs are nowhere to be seen on this computer, and Windows 8… Can I enable them to be shown somehow? Or manually use some power management commands?

    Another thing: suddenly the connection worked again for a day or so. But it only seemed to connect to new networks which were not accessed before. Once I got on a network, it only worked that one time and after rebooting the computer and trying the same network again the next day, that network didn’t connect. But new networks did! Only once or twice each.

    I have tried forgetting the networks thorough the right click menu, and manually. But it seems to have no direct or immediate effect.

    Right clicking each network sometimes shows the menu which includes “forget this network” but most of the time no menu shows up, the right click does nothing.

    Please someone help!
    Now the piece of junk won’t even connect to a new, unknown network.

  34. Yes! Your fix did work and I never would have found that tricky little double whammy hidden under the WiFi adapter configuration. Sneaky, these MS people.
    However, I now have a Lenovo Windows Tablet MIIX2 8 – and it has 8.1 on it. Well, it drops the WiFi connection often and there IS no wifi power option setting under the advanced power options (of course not, it was too easy to fix). So where is it? Under the WiFi config with a Broadcom 802.11abgn SDIO wifi adapter there is a huge laundry list of gobbly-gook options – nothing so simple as checkboxes.
    I am beginning to suspect that MS has employed lots of people on the Apple BlackOps payroll or maybe there is a Linux Geek Club chuckling away in the corridors of the MS programming division as they work towards imploding a moronic operating system.
    After decades of Windows I bought a MacAir and an Ipad and guess what, guys, neither one EVER drops a WiFi connection – hmm.

  35. This really worked in our office. I did two things, however. I implemented the power management (setting it to no power management) trick. And, I changed network adapter BSS setting to 802.11b only. No, after days, no drops. And, it had been happening about 2-3 times per hour. Thanks all!

  36. Hope this will work for me once I get my laptop back. Because I sent my laptop to acer twice now and they can’t figure out the problem even after replacing all the hardware. They probably forgot to install the USB-3 driver too explaining why that doesn’t work either.

  37. Seriously. I got a BRAND NEW Toshiba computer, and it is essentially almost completely junk. I’ve searched and searched for the fix to the internet connectivity problem, done them all, over and over, with many verifications and double-checks, and it’s simply pure crap. WINDOWS 8 IS PURE CRAP.

    Apparently the “improvement” that your marketing people spewed forth is actually a near complete loss of functionality when it comes to using the internet.


    I wonder if microsoft employees are instructed by “corporate” to take extra care crossing the street, as people may well “forget” where the brake is, you know, should they see a microsoft employee crossing in front of their car. I know my memory is really iffy these days. Must be because of all the stress of trying to STAY CONNECTED TO THE FUCKING INTERNET.

  38. Thank you sooo much! This completely fixed my problem! My internetWiFi connection is fast and isn’t shutting off anymore. :)

  39. One of my friends posted this link to help another friend. Before reading the info on this page I told them Maybe turn off the power saving mode. Then I read the article. :) Great minds think alike.

  40. i have a asus x452c and i cant connect to any network please help me

    when me and my friends will play warcraft 3 via tethering i always disconnect and the signal became low but the tethering device is very near…

    please help me pls i have many research work to do

  41. Wow I cannot even begin to express how much this helped me!!! It was aggravating to have my wifi shut off on me every two seconds! Especially when I was trying to download updates for my software god! Thankyou again! You have saved me hours of pain and frustration!

  42. I have HP ENVY 15 with WIndows 8.1. The problem is – when the laptop goes out of sleep, it does not want to reconnect to the wifi! The second solution solved the issue.

  43. …..omg, thank you.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your step by step instructions were awesome. That issue was SOOOOOOO frustrating.

    Thank You, again

  44. Thank you so much, internet dropping connection was getting annoying! Happy that there is a way to stop it :)

  45. My problem was the wifi adapter (hardware) so I just bought a USB wifi adapter for the time being if the steps in the instruction don’t work try the USB adapter

  46. Thank you so much.. I’ve had my new laptop for a week now,,, Almost threw it out the window,, Works like a charm. Thanks again

  47. I’ve had my Toshiba Laptop for a few months but kept having issues with my wifi dropping. So glad to find this and have the solution be so simple with great explanation! Thank you!

  48. i have windows 10 . But i could not turn on my WiFi connection …..please tell me about this solutions

  49. 2nd bit worked for me thank God because I was ready to through this PC out the window. Thank you so much

  50. Oh my god *thank you.* I would have thought all the time I spend rooting around in the deep dark settings of my laptop would have lead me to this solution sooner or later, but since instead, *you* did, I can be nothing but grateful.

  51. thanks for the information very concise but I would have to ask what is the point of us fixing what is obviously a win8 issue in the quest for power saving they seem to have hamstrung the computer to the point of being unusable, the heartfelt nature of the complaints seems to point to a general distrust of MS’s motives and policies this issue would have appeared in testing so why was it not dealt with then a simple choice do you want it to work properly or not there is no point in power saving if it stops the computer doing what YOU told YOUR computer to do

  52. Hey
    thank you so much for the solution.
    I am using Window 8.1 and wifi adapter broadcom 802.11g.
    In the second solution you mentioned, i cant find the power management tab in the properties of the adapter.
    Please help.
    Thank You,

  53. This has been a godsend! I’ve been dealing with this for a week or so now and it’s been driving me up the wall. Thanks for sharing!

  54. I cannot thank you enough for this fix. My son’s laptop was dropping (and then not reacquiring) WIFI at home, even once we hooked up the router that he had been using without problem all semester at college. We used the second method several days ago and he has not had a problem since.

  55. Like other people here, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fix this. Your advice seems to have done the trick! Thanks.

  56. Thanks a million , changed the power settings in both places
    and that helped , but changing the internet settings was the
    final nail .

    Does anyone have any idea WHY this suddenly just started ?
    I have had my HP Pavilion win 8 for 6 months and then all
    of a sudden a couple weeks ago this started ?? Are these things
    they would change in an update ?

    Very frustrating – but fairly east to fix .

  57. Wonderful. I had done the second bit, but it was the first bit about “maximizing power” while on battery power that did it for me. THANK YOU.

  58. I could kiss you you beautiful man. Been bugging me for weeks, yeah I think it is the maximising power thing that did it.

  59. Not seeing what he sees and I’m on 8. Thankfully it helped some, but was useless for a new Gateway with 8.

  60. Hi, I’m a senior and have some practice working with PC”s. My problem is I have a windows 7 desktop and a windows 8 laptop, they both were hooked up to wifi service. All of a sudden it’s gone on the 8 and my friend accidently wiped out my wifi network name . So I don’t know how to get it on the wifi again. Please help this old lady,lol. Thanks

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